Don Chipotle – Origins

Don Chipotle is a comic book style adventure following our hero Celestino, and
his alter ego, Don Chipotle. After the tragic murder of his best friend, Celestino
flees his diverse neighborhood in the hopes of escaping the drug cartel world he
and his family existed within. However, 20 years later, Celestino is forced to
return anonymously to attend his mother’s funeral. Celestino sees how much
things have changed, which presents him with the possibility of a new start. But,
he also sees a new face of corruption manifesting within the neighborhood –
gentrification. Each day Celestino is there, presents the danger that he will be
recognized as the nephew of his 3 drug cartel uncles who once ruled with an iron
fist and who many want to avenge.
The protagonist of the series is Celestino, a 32-year old once aspiring
Colombian-American lawyer. When life deals Celestino experiences that he is
unable to cope with, he becomes his alter ego, Don Chipotle. Don Chipotle,
confident and brash, is the complete opposite of the self- deprecating Celestino.
Don Chipotle sees that anything is possible, and believes he can change the
world and make it a better place.


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