“There was once a time I thought exactly what could be capable with a bootstrapped budget, but working with Sara Engel has proved that with her tenacity and creativity anything can be achieved.  She is a constant professional and a hard worker, and having her on your team will not only be the smartest decision you make, but will most likely be the life saving decision of your production.”

Aric Jackson, Co-Director of the T.V. Pilot “Cowl Girl

“Sara is simply amazing, her talent and dedication make her an amazing asset to any production team. She’s innovative and a do-er. Her willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, made my job directing so much easier.  I would happily invite her to be a part of my team anytime!”

Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, Co-Director of the T.V. Pilot “Cowl Girl

“I have collaborated with Sara Engel on creating and building sets for music videos, and working with her has been a pleasure. Sara has demonstrated great versatility in her ability take a lofty idea and make it a reality by creating an elaborate set that compliments the look and sound of the band. With her eye for art direction and attention to detail, when we’re ready roll everything is top notch. Her preparation, professionalism, positive team attitude, work ethic and overall problem solving skills make her an amazing talent to have on set.”

Eric Richter, Video Producer, Director & Editor

“Sara has been a positively indispensable member of the production team for my second feature film “The Poisoner”.  Her enthusiasm, attention to detail and skill in the pursuit and securing of props, set pieces and locations has increased my project’s efficiency and production value by leaps and bounds.  Her work has been on time and far under-budget with consistency you can set your watch by!  I could not be happier with my decision to trust these concerns to Sara over the course of both pre-production and production and look forward to working together with her again in the future.  She comes with my highest recommendation.”

Chris Hefner, Director of The Poisoner


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